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The real estate landscape

New real estate sites are launched (almost) every day. Some will succeed, others will not. But you, a real estate owner looking for the right buyer for your property, you should publish on each and every possible website. This is the way to offer your property to the widest audience. The downside is that this takes a very long time, and as new sites show up, this will only take longer.

The solution!

That's where comes into picture! You post your property on our site and it is automatically published on every site of our partners. We are working hard to extend this list as fast as possible.

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Endless possibilities

If your wish to publish your properties on a website that is not a partner, yet, you are allowed and even encouraged to do so. The feed file of your properties belongs to you, we only generate and host it. This means that you can go and discuss a partnership to any website that accepts XML feeds. Whatever relationship you enter with a website owner, it benefits you and you alone. We are only the technology provider, you are free to use the XML feed in any way it benefits you.
If you need an XML feed in a format that is not yet supported by us, contact us.

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